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Updated: May 10


For many, the appeal of a river cruise is the small ship experience but we have to admit that we do still enjoy the variety of options offered onboard a larger vessel. So the question; is will we have to sacrifice onboard activities when we travel on a river cruise ship?


My experience is - not at all. When you’re not touring a destination, you’ll be enjoying the many amenities offered on the ship, as well as breathtaking views from the Sun Deck. But the beautiful thing is that with a smaller number of passengers on board, you’ll have more time to enjoy the amenities in a more personal way.


Interested in what a typical day may look like on your river cruise? Most river cruises offer the below amenities for you to take advantage of throughout the day.

Fitness Center & Classes

Most ships offer a fitness center to help you stay active between excursions. And if the treadmill isn’t your preference, there is also a professionally trained Wellness Host offering daily classes. Start your day with a yoga session on the Sun Deck, a spin class on the back of the ship, or a light stretch class, and set the tone for a relaxing day.

Award-Winning Meals

Enjoy coffee and the breakfast buffet each morning, light lunches and refreshments throughout the day and exquisite meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients for dinner. River cruising is especially known for its fantastic meals on board. There are even Specialty Restaurants to enjoy. Need more convincing? Unlimited wine, beer, and soft drinks are also offered with lunch and dinner.

Salon & Spa

No vacation is complete without a bit of pampering. The spa on board offers massages throughout the day so you can relax on your own schedule. With fewer guests on board you won’t have to fight for an appointment. Feel like going out for the evening while we’re in port? Let the stylists at the salon give you a new look or simply help you look and feel your best before heading out.

Deck Pool

This may not be a tropical cruise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy the sunshine! All ships have a heated pool (some with a swim-up bar for optimal enjoyment) or a jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing any tired muscles while cruising past the graceful, castle-filled countryside.

Feel free to come back out when the sun goes down. As you cruise past larger cities, the views of bridges full of lights or cathedrals lit up under the stars are extraordinary.


You won't find the large production shows that you find in a large resort or onboard a large cruise ship but on a river cruise you will enjoy authentic local entertainers. This gives you the opportunity to feel a greater connection to your destination as local artists come onboard and share their culture and talents with the onboard guests.

Best in Class Service

If there is anything that could make your time on board the ship better, you just have to let your onboard hosts know! The only thing better than their dining is their service. The team truly prides itself on building relationships with each guest and creating a family-like feel for your journey.

These small ships are the perfect atmosphere to socialize with your friends and family and other guests. Many cruisers have truly built long-distance and lasting friendships and even return time and time again to cruise with people they met on previous sailings!


I am happy to answer any other questions you may have about traveling countries by river.  All you need to decide is when you want to go and who you’d like to travel with!

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