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Updated: May 12, 2022

My brother and sister-in-law chose to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on an Alaskan cruise. While I know this was a memorable trip for them, it was also an absolutely amazing experience for those of us who were invited to join them. Looking back, I’m so happy that we chose to do this cruise earlier in our lives. Let me tell you six reasons why I feel you should cruise Alaska sooner than later.

1. Sailing in Alaska extends from the middle of May to mid-September. Combine this short travel season with an extremely popular destination and space fills up very quickly. If you would like your first pick of cruise line and stateroom location. You must book this cruise far in advance.

2. To fully appreciate Alaska, many of the experiences are more active. While people of all ages can enjoy Alaska, it definitely is easier to experience while we have good health and mobility. Someone once said to me that we have to prioritize the trips that require good knees and hips.

3. The wildlife in Alaska is absolutely out of this world. When traveling to Alaska by cruise ship, don't be surprised to spot bear hunting for fish, whales, eagles, and several other beautiful creatures. But the best wildlife viewing requires a good guide. In order to have your first choice of guided experiences it is important to choose early to put some careful planning into your activities

4. Visiting Alaska as a multi-generational family group is very popular. Sharing this memory with loved ones, far surpasses acquiring more possessions. But there will be a window of opportunity that is the optimal time for everyone in the family. When the grandchildren are old enough to appreciate and enjoy this amazing destination and also share it with their beloved grandparents. If you recognize that your window of opportunity is now, it’s best to start planning.

5. I have always felt that a true Alaskan experience means leaving the cruise ship and heading into the interior of Alaska. Adding a land tour before or after your cruise onboard the Denali Mountain Railway is the perfect way to experience the interior. But space is limited on these rail journeys and when the seats are fully booked that opportunity is gone.

6. Sadly, our world, including Alaska is changing. And we really don’t know how long these lush forests and enormous glaciers will be as they are today. We have to enjoy them while we still can.

I recently was looking through my son’s closet and found his Denali Park Junior Ranger Vest. The one he proudly wore for the duration of our trip to Alaska. I looked at it while I went over some of the favourite moments of the trip in my mind. Then I tucked the vest away with a plan to pack it when we take the next generation of children to explore Alaska.

I would love to help you plan your trip to Alaska. Contact me to discuss your one-of-a-kind vacation that will undoubtedly bring you memories that last a lifetime.

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