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Stay Curious. 

It’s time to discover your next favorite destination. 

Our guide to the most popular experiences by destination


Explore destinations and  what  you can  do  once you get there


Your travel advocate. 

Exceptional Experiences 

Have you ever imagined taking a helicopter tour over the Great Barrier reef? How about a private African safari during the Great Migration? I can offer travel experiences like these that reach beyond even your wildest dreams. 

Dedicated Dream Maker 

No two clients are the same, which means no two trips are the same. I take pride in planning a trip filled with memorable experiences that are tailored exclusively to you. 

Travel You Can Trust 

I am a travel expert who has traveled extensively around the world to many destinations that my clients want to visit, meaning I will give you personal recommendations that you can trust.


Are you curious about the world but unsure how to go about travel planning?

Sometimes just the thought of exploring a new place is enough to give you the feeling of child-like excitement. As you start thinking about all of the places you want to go and adventures you want to have, the excitement continues to build – until it is time to start planning the actual vacation. That is where the feelings of apprehension and overwhelm begin. 


But it does not have to get to that point! As your travel planning resource, I know how to create the types of experiences you have dreamed of while eliminating any feeling of stress and frustration. Together we will create an itinerary that leaves you just as excited as you were from the start. 

Discover how easy travel
planning can be!

I’m Naomi Rogers, the founder of Caledon Travel. 


At Caledon Travel, I know that the best travel experiences uniquely reflect you - your personality, preferences, and style.  


But with so many options to choose from, planning a trip that will leave you with a lifetime of memories can be time-consuming. This causes you to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and potentially disappointed. Instead, I want you to look forward to your trip with the excitement that only the expectation of a new trip can bring!


For me, travel planning is personal.  Every detail, every client, every time.  I take the time to get to know you because I know that you will feel relaxed and confident knowing that you can trust your memories to an experienced professional.


Having served the Caledon area for over ten years, my clients have come to trust me year after year to plan and coordinate each detail of their trips.  They enjoy the peace of mind knowing that I am simply a text, email, or phone call away when they are on their vacation. I am here for my clients from the time they start dreaming about a new destination to the moment I welcome them back home, feeling renewed, relaxed, and inspired by all they have seen and done. 


I do not just book trips - I plan the extraordinary. Discover what your travel future holds! 

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Let’s plan the vacation you deserve. 

  • Having been a part of the Caledon community for over ten years, I understand how hectic life can be. I am here not just to be your travel advisor but to be your one-stop-shop for everything from travel inspiration to managing the details. 


  • Since the beginning of my travel journey, I have visited over 80 countries. Along the way, I have developed a trusted network of people in the travel industry who are just as dedicated to making your trip a success as I am. 

  • While it is almost impossible to pick a favorite country, Australia is high on my list. So much so that I am a specialist when it comes to Australian travel planning. This means that I can plan a truly authentic and exciting experience at one of the most exotic destinations in the world. 



Image by Roberto Nickson

The Plan


Let’s Meet

Your vacation is not something I pull out of a catalog. I begin each travel journey with a consultation so I can listen to what you want and discuss the types of experiences you might enjoy. 

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The Proposal 

After our initial consultation, I will create a base itinerary with three variations that include experiences, accommodations, pricing and more. Together we will discuss which itinerary  makes the most sense for you.

Canada passport_edited_edited.jpg

Time to Travel 

I am here for you from the moment you start dreaming of a destination to the moment I welcome you back home. Before you leave, I will ensure that every detail has been taken care of and will be available to you before, during, and after your vacation. 


Dreamworthy Destinations


What our clients are saying

I have worked with Naomi Rogers at Caledon Travel - TPI for many years and am pleased to recommend her.

My wife and I decided to work with a travel agent for many reasons - saves time, expert knowledge, access to special travel resources, access to deals, and instant help when things go wrong on the road.

Naomi has planned many trips with me - some simple and some complex.  Recently she helped us with a five-week trip to England and Scotland.  She organized the complicated itinerary - air, car rentals, trains, hotels, and weekly cottage rentals.  Naomi listens well, so when I describe what we are looking for she does the research and comes up with several options from which we can choose.  That particular trip had us booked in two of our most memorable hotel stays ever.

Knowing our tastes, Naomi will also make unprompted suggestions of places we may enjoy to stimulate our thinking.

I’ve learned that I can rely on Naomi and am looking forward to continuing to work with her.

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